This is me, so happy and busy in my little bakeshop.

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 My dear friends in Dorchester, ON, and the rest of the world.


This a new section in my old web site “” in the Spanish language.

I started my site in Spanish in May 2010 in a totally silent way, without advertising at all. I trusted in the search engines for people to find it in their research for bread making.

In effect, people started visiting my site and asking me questions. Spanish speaking people are spread out all around the globe. So, in 2016 my page was visited for Spanish speaking people from 108 different countries making a total of 117,359 pages visited. In 2017 the statistics were: Visited pages: 126.348, Visitors from 134 different countries.

These results tell me that there is a big interest in knowing more about bread among the Hispanic people all around the world. Many of them thanked me for reading and investigating from all kinds of sources both artisanal and scientific in the English language and putting the essentials of my research and experiments in the Spanish language, in which there was little information six years ago. Now much more information is available in Spanish than then. My site was a kind of pioneer in that matter.

Bread making was always a sideline in my life. My main stream was pastoral ministry. When I retired as a church pastor in March 2008, I decided to dedicate more time to baking. Those 10 years of dedication brought a great amount of new knowledge and deeper insights on bread.

I was baking all the time for my family and for friends. When I moved to Dorchester and became a member of the Spanish SDAC in London I started sharing my bread with my brothers and sisters. I got so surprised by the great acceptation my bread had among them.

Encouraged by that happy circumstance I started sharing my bread with my Canadian friends and neighbours as well with the same results.

It was no ease job to get to this point were I am now. I had to go thru trial and error and many disappointments and money loss.

At this point I have to express my deep gratitude to a few people who helped me make this possible: In first place to Ron and Riny Zweers who allowed me to use their facilities in “Riny’s Bakery Cafe” and then to Wendy Spence, from the Dorchester SignPost who got enthusiastic with my project and made it public through the newspaper.

I closed my bakeshop Mach 1st 2018 but  my plan is to keep serving my neighbours  and friend around the world by sharing my knowledge and experience.