Freshly baked, natural bread available in Dorchester and surroundings

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Carlos Perrone prepares the dough to be made into a loaf of bread.

Signpost photo and text by Wendy Spence

(This article was published in July 2016)

A NEW RESIDENT looks forward to having others try his natural, nutritious bread. Carlos Perrone is baking at the former Riny’s Bakery location on Hamilton Road. He has led a very interesting life, having worked as an editor at a publishing house in his native country, Argentina; and also as a pastor. Many people worldwide connect with him through his website ( where he shares his bread dough recipes and tips. Residents can contact him to order fresh-baked bread.

The loaves Perrone makes are dense, with a rich taste. The slow rise process he uses, in essence, ferments the bread and pre-digests it, which makes it easier on people’s stomachs. He believes that people who are making processed bread are not following the right path. Perrone uses flour from Arva Flour Mill, salt, water, homemade yeast, oil and sugar – and nothing else. His non-certified gluten-free bread is made of garbanzo (chickpea) flour, and additional ingredients from the wheat bread that include tapioca starch and xanthan gum. Perrone’s bread is an artisanal style loaf of bread that weighs 720 grams. He says that by the gram it’s less expensive than higher quality bread sold in stores. The process he uses takes 5 hours. “The flour gives all its taste to the bread.”

His daughters have a wheat intolerance, and one is celiac, so he taught them how to make the bread and created the gluten-free bread. Some people have difficulty with commercial yeast and other ingredients that are typically used.

Perrone says he enjoys the whole process and finds it is excellent for relieving stress; he even sings while working away. He claims he can see what the final product will turn out to be like from the early stages.

He and his wife moved to Dorchester from Pickering at the end of September. They were looking for more affordable accommodations. Perrone is baking bread to bring in a bit extra money and also because he believes a fresh, natural bread is something people in the area need and want.

The septuagenarian baked bread 45 years ago to pay for his tuition at the seminary he attended in Argentina. At first, he sold bread made by someone else; then he learned how to make his own by getting books out of the library and working at bakeries: German, Jewish and Italian. He read recipes while taking the one-hour bus trip from home to work and back and tried making different kinds of bread at home. Perrone admits that some turned out very bad.

When he worked at a Richmond Hill bakery a lot of customers said they had stomach problems, so he started making bread out of spelt flour and also gluten-free bread to create something that people with intolerances could eat.

Perrone started looking for a place to bake in Dorchester. When he searched the Yellow Pages, he saw that there was a bakery in Dorchester that was closed. Perrone tracked down Ron and Riny Zweers and talked to them. The commercial bakery, which has been inspected by the Middlesex-London Health Unit, on Hamilton Road, was just what he needed. He called it a miracle and said the couple was so kind.  “I almost couldn’t believe people like this exist in the world.”

Perrone is more than happy to deliver samples of his 100 percent whole wheat, 50 percent whole wheat and gluten-free bread for people to sample. He will also make other varieties if requested. Contact him by email:, or his home phone: 226-777-5718 if you have any questions or would like to place an order.


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