Dark Rye Sourdough

A Finnish gentleman told me–many years ago–about his nostalgia of the rye bread his mother used to bake, back in Finland when he was a boy. He remembered the dark colour of the round and flat loaf; the sweet taste of molasses and the aromatic smell welcoming him from the oven when he came back from school in the afternoon.

In the cold countries of North Europe, wheat is scarce and expensive, while rye is abundant and affordable. Molasses is a by product of cane sugar refining from warm countries, low in price and good to improve rye sourdough fermentation and taste. According to personal or local preference, rye flour is mixed with different amounts of white wheat flour to make bread crumb spongier and lighter. It is also made with 100% rye flour, resulting a thick, heavy, yet delicious bread. Following customer preference, I use 50% whole grain stone ground rye flour and 50% unbleached wheat white flour.


Natural Rye Sourdough Culture
Whole Rye Flour
White wheat flour
Blackstrap Molasses
Yeast (a small amount to cut down sourness)