A Lucky Mistake

(I wrote this story in October 2016)

This last Monday I was in my bakeshop measuring the ingredients to make Spelt-Sourdough bread. The Rye Sourdough (fermented rye) was already in the mixer. Then I had to add Spelt flour.

So, I did it. . .

The dough looked good but not the same. I was intrigued and wondering why the dough was so different yet so good.

I did not know what was going on until 3 hours later or more, when the dough was already risen and ready to make up the loaves.

Then I saw the reason. I had added rye flour instead of spelt flour! How could that happen? Unbelievable! I felt like dying. I had no chance to make things right. Sourdough process takes almost two days to complete. And all my ferment was already mixed with the wrong flour!

Definitely, I had no chance to make another sourdough mix.

For one hour or more I was so confused, repeating over and over: “Oh my God, Oh my God!”.

But I was not left to perish in my dissapointment. When I looked at the “wrong” dough I noticed it had a very good consistency and strength. So I decided to keep on with it and made up the loaves.

To shorten the story, the resulting bread was, to my great surprise, the best 100% Rye Sourdough bread I ever baked in my life.

I had spent years and all kinds of experiments to get the right proportion, with no success. Now, like coming out of a magician’s hat I had in front of me such a good 100% Rye Sourdough loaf.

But I still had a problem to solve: What about the orders I had for Spelt-Sourdough. Well, I did my best apologising as humbly as I could, and–believe it or not–my customers were so happy with the mistaken bread that I hardly could cover the orders.

Now, I have a new specialty in my product list: 100% Rye Sourdough.

100% Rye Sourdough