Lazy Admiration




Hard Questioner: So you like Carlos’ bread?

Soft Answerer: Yes, I do. It is delicious!

H. Q.: That’s good. Please, tell me about it.

S. A.: Yes. Its natural. I mean, it contains no chemical ingredients like preservatives, mould inhibitors and others to keep freshness.

H. Q.: Oh! Aren’t chemical additives OK? Without them bread would have a very short shelf life.

S. A.: Yupe! That’s the reason why Carlos’ bread is not sold in supermarkets.

H. Q.: I don’t quite understand.

S. A.: Those chemical additives are designed to kill fungus and bacteria and are very effective. You can have a loaf at room temperature in a plastic bag in your house for many days without getting mouldy or fermented.

H. Q.: So. . . ?

S. A.: The problem is: The same way they kill fungus and bacteria, in the long run they will kill you, ‘cause they are nothing but poisons.

H. Q.: Scary!

S. A.: It is, indeed.

Carlos’ bread instead, is made only with classical ingredients: wheat; rye; salt; oil; a bit of sugar and yeast in different proportions according to the kind of bread. Moreover, its process is the old fashion one, giving the dough the time to mature naturally without any chemical improver. Also it is baked at a lower temperature and for a longer time than commercial bread, to ensure the proper cooking of the whole piece, especially in the center. This ensures that all yeast cells are killed by the heat and the crumb will not produce fermentation in your intestines.

H. Q.: Wow! What about your husband and your children: Do they like this kind of natural bread?

S. A.: Yes, they do.

H. Q.: It means that now you have the best bread in miles around. That’s amazing! How many loaves do you order a week to cover the needs of your family and especially of your children?

S. A.: Well. . . So far I placed two orders one loaf each in different weeks .

H. Q..: Only two loaves in weeks?

S. A.: Yes. . . (Oh my goodness!). You know. Yeah, I should have Carlos’ bread more often, shouldn’t I?

H. Q.: According to what you say about the bread, you should.

S. A.: True! I should be more consistent with my convictions.

H. Q.: Being amazed about the bread will be of no help if you do not eat it.

S. A.: Yes. . . I hate “Fakeone” bread, but, you know, my mother used to by it when I was a little girl riding on the shopping cart, and now I am doing the same. I can’t help it! When I shop in the supermarket I can’t stop my hand from grabbing a loaf of “FakeOne” or “WouldBe” or “MakeBelieve” bread.

H. Q.: Maybe you see those brands are cheaper.

S. A.: Yeah, they look cheaper, but are empty of nutrition values and containing real poisons. So, at the end of the day, they are very expensive.

H. Q.: In other words, you pay less but you obtain less.

S. A.: Considering the benefits of a natural bread I cannot consider it as a luxury item. Apparently you spend more, but you’ll save much money in the future by enjoying a better life and health.

H. Q.: So. . . What’s wrong with you then?

S. A.: Hard to explain what I don’t quite understand myself. I tried to put Carlos’ bread in front of my children for breakfast, but, you know! That seemed so strange to me. I’ve never done that before. My children looked at me with blank faces.

H. Q.: Don’t your children like the natural bread?

S. A.: Oh, yes, they do.

H. Q.: Then, what?

S. A.: Well. . . I think I have to do something more than put a good bread on my table. I had also to stop using candy cereal; lots of sugar and sugary stuff; potato chips; cookies; canned meats and so on.

H. Q.: And your natural bread looks kind of ridiculous among the junk food. Nonetheless you have to start somewhere. Then you can change other items one by one in a slow pace as your family change their habits.

S. A.:You are right.

H. Q.: If your admiration doesn’t lead you to take action, is good for nothing. Lazy admiration is useless.

S. A.: Lazy admiration is useless. You’re right. Natural bread will be good to me and my family only if we eat it.

H. Q.: If the bread is good, go for it!

S. A.: Yes, I’ll try. . . It will take time and effort. It’s not only about bread. I have to clean my table of a bunch of junky items. Breaking old habits to start new ones is no easy job. But it is not impossible. And the change will have great rewards.